ATOM Motion Control robotic arm packages:

Atom $4500

track (5 pieces) $700

Atom tech / operator #1 $780 ($65/hr)

Atom tech / operator #2 $660 ($55/hr)

$6640 for ATOM


$1300 studio & power for ATOM




On location motion control robotic arm service - no studio 

additional travel charge for over 25kms from Kipling & Gardiner / QEW 

transportation (vehicle & drive time) $250

driver $500

labour for load-in and load-out $400

genny $800

genny op $540 ($45/hr) 

$2310 + ATOM for location option


$4320 Optional creative services

Recommended to effectively execute your vision for a motion control shoot (4 specialists for 12 hrs each)

ATOM Cinebot with Ronin 2 head. Exceptional speeds and range of motion. ATOM is the most affordable full size motion control rig available. Fully extended, this tallest motion arm rig swings up to 36’8″/11m per second .ATOM has a Max Height of 10’2″/3.1m and 32’10″/10m of track travels the ATOM at a Max Speed of 13″/4m per second.

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