Studio Z info

This new studio build is  in the west Toronto film district, right off the Queensway, in the Kipling & Gardiner Expressway area of south Etobicoke,. It features a 35’ x 20’ corner cyc normally painted white, within a 40’ x 40’ drive-in studio accessed by a 12’ drive-in door.. The facility is 3200 sf total, with most of it available or dedicated to the rental client. It has a kitchenette, video village/ lounge, 2 washrooms

The studio was purpose built to do production with the owner’s full-size motion control system and to accommodate up to with 30’ of track available on-site, but is available without the robotic arm system for any type of motion or still shoot. Motion control services are available from just having experienced operators, to cinematography and camera dept equipment, to full production services.

The studio features an HVAC rooftop air conditioning system as well as 200A x 3 = 600A 120/208V cam-lok power for easy access to feature film-grade power, for any size and number of lights. Higher power than a 20A standard commercial outlet is required to run the robotic arm, and often, with extra depth-of-field often needed, as well as very high frame rates, serious power is often required. Most commercial studios this size will have just 80-125A three phase service. Rates start at $800 for a 6 hr. shoot, $1200 for a 12 hr. shoot,  and $800 for a full prep day.

The owners of the studio are robotic arm specialists, and the studio has one of the few turnkey walk-in and shoot systems in the city / country. The arm, combined with a huge array of cinema camera, lenses and camera department support gear, create am easy solution for high-speed work.

Boa can provide 5k and 10k tungsten lighting (flicker-free at ANY frame rate), all distro and cabling required, all grip, and very experienced gaffer / lighting designer to get any exposure level and lighting look required at the most affordable cost, even with ultra-high speed Phantom cameras.

Includes exclusive use of studio and screening room (video village. lounge, etc), and makeup room, as well as shared access to the kitchen and washrooms.

Studio Daily Rental: $1200/ 12 Hr Day 

Studio Half day Rental: $800/ 6 Hrs 

Studio Prep Day: $800

Studio Overtime: $100/hr

Distro Package: $120/Day 

Hydro over 10,000w: $50/Day

Event Rental: Starting from $65/hr 

Cyc is provided in useable condition. 

Fresh coat of white is extra $175. Extra 

$175 charge for repaint if unusable after shoot. 

Cyc wall can be painted any colour for your shoot, Including chroma green, at additional cost.

Boa has two chroma green cinema-grade 36’ x 17’ fabric “rags” to turn the studio into a green screen studio quickly and more affordably that greenscreen paint and paint-back, which requiries two coats each way, time, crew, and paint costs. 

Boa even has frame hardware to stretch the fabric, as well as a 30’ x 20’ chroma-blue background, as well as chroma green and chroma blue roll-up dance flooring rentals. You might not know that the brighter “digigreen” greesncreens are designed for available light work, with backgrounds far away to prevent green glow and spill. Studio work with dedicated lighting on the background, as well as typically closer distances between talent or object, and the background, is ideally done using the darker “chroma green”.


Studio specs:

  • WIthin the 3200 sf facility, the day rental client has use of 2400 sq ft (1600 sq ft studio, 800 sq ft support spaces) with a 35’ by 20’ corner cyc
  • The stage is 40’ x 40’ with one 5x5” column in the centre (20’ centers)
  • 13’ ceiling with lighting grid. 
  • 200 amp 3-Phase Power Camlok E1018 ball-nose tails (distro available at extra charge)
  • Free high speed Wi-fi
  • post-production suite with iMac Pro
  • Entertainment lounge with live video feed, massage chairs
  • 12’ Ground level loading door (11’ height)
  • Access to 8’ and 12’ ladders
  • On site garbage disposal
  • kitchenette, with granite countertops, pressure cooker, electric wok, water cooler, fridge & freezer, 2 microwave ovens, 
  • two washrooms
  • shared free parking for up to 30 vehicles
  • ATOM normally stored in studio, in corner, so in-studio shoots are more affordable.
  • Central air conditioning throughout, including studio
  • Sound recording can happen there, especially with sound blanket rentals that Boa can provide.
  • Office Space available (extra charge)
  • Conveniently located 1 minute away from Gardiner Express Way.
  • Comprehensive booking kit including electrical plan, local resources and reference info provided upon booking.