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Studio U

Located north of Bloor St. W., near Lansdowne Ave.

  • cyc (wall length x wall length) - 22ftx22ft left hand return
  • Ceiling height  - 12ft clear, 14ft full
  • 2000 sq ft total space with shooting area of 1350 sq ft. Camera to cyc distance is 50'
  • 6x 20A circuits (4 of which are in ceiling), 4x 15A circuits in the main room. 6x 15A outlets in the kitchen area
  • Overhead grid.
  • 2 ladders (10 and 12ft)
  • Monitor, TV, and minor grip gear avail. Television is wired via HDMI to shooting area
  • make-up/change area
  • client seating
  • Some on site expendables (foamcore and a bunch of paper seamless)
  • Ground floor load-in, trucks can pull within a few feet of the door.
  • double width door access
  • 1 reserved parking space right outside the door. Street parking available.
  • Use of the cafeteria and foyer for lunches and craft (but NEVER shooting).
  • Garbage bin in parking lot
  • large black curtain (14x25ft), split in the middle, permanently hung on a track that separates the shooting area from clients and provides sound baffling

Hourly $200. Add'n booked hours $50/hr. On-demand overtime (not booked) $100/hr


$300/ 4 hr pre-light 5pm-9pm night before

$400 / 4 hrs

$500 / 8 hrs.

$600 / 12 hrs.

Cyc in provided in usable condition. Fresh coat of white just for you is extra $175. Extra $175 charge for repaint if unusable after shoot.

see slideshow of images