Studio R info


Optimized and custom built for food shoots, tabletop, product, and small sets.

Usable space for the rental client is a true , full 1475 sf ground level + 495 sf full height mezzanine.

Gorgeous natural light through skylight that has blackout solution. Windows have blackout blinds. Most photos on thsi site were taken July afternoon, using just natural light. You can see exposure info in photo EXIF data display option, if planning on shooting natural light here.

located around Dupont St. & Lansdowne Avenue

close to amenities

free parking (limited spots)

32’ x 50’ clear shoot area. 30’ wide x 16' high white wall that can be used as set wall or background.

20.5’ ceilings (18.5' to truss)

nice 2 pc bathroom on main level, and nice 3 pc with shower on mezzanine level . makeup / wardrobe room on second level.

Easy drive-in possible through grade-level 10' wide x 12' high bay door.

Large full kitchen, perfect for great meals, cooking shoots & shows, or background / location. up to 40' camera to subject distance.


Day is 10 hrs 8am-6pm. Add $80/hr for add'n booked hours, or $120 for on-demand additional hours, if available.

$200 for up to 2 hr. separate pre-light, pre-pro meeting, set build, deliveries, pickups, pick-up shots, etc right before or after main booking (flexible timing, no client present, when part of larger booking)

$500 no-client creative or test / local editorial print with credit line / registered charity

$650 typical commercial still & motion no sound

+$150 quiet set for recording sound (all noise in studio minimized, but hear train in back about 12x per day). Space has alot of echo, but sound blanket solutions are available as extra rentals. Lav mic recommended.

$+100 large production surcharge if more than 20 people at any time in studio
day is 10 hrs. Additional time is $100/hr. Guaranteed available if reserved at time of original booking.

Access to all props and hard background materials is a flat $200/day, and includes thousands of hard to find props for food shoots. Once items are moved from cabinets, shelves, drawers, closets for consideration, the fee applies for that day.

Tons of extras are included, including different syles of chairs and stools, Professional steamer. Rolling rack. Dishwasher. 12', 8', 6', and 4' step ladders and 22' extension ladder for reaching ceiling.

Included grip: 12x sandbags, 10 full apple boxes, 5 half apple boxes, 8' and 6' camera stands. Manfrotto Superboom, Avenger 3 riser combo roller with Avenger junior boom. 4 C stand kits w/ grip arms and heads. About $200 worth of pro gear included. Add'n equipment available for rent.

200A 3 phase power. Has many outlets, including many 20A. Cam-lok upgrade being considered. Let us know if you need it.

see gallery