Just got keys December 5, 2018 to a new, additional space. 7000 sf warehouse near Dixie & Eglinton in Mississauga. It is available for day rentals right now, in current, pre-reno state, while planning the design and builds.  We will start first renovating the office spaces, so we can be based out of there on a daily basis while the builds are happening. Still gauging if it can accommodate sound recordings during the day before the soundproofing is done (recording sound should be fine for 12am-6am).


Features two warehouse spaces connected by a 10' x 10' overhead door between them. Both have 18' full / 16' clear steel truss ceilings, and 32' width, no columns. There is a 6' x 10' high opening between them, no door (for now). Still finalizing the temporary "raw space" rate. All the  specs are "real" and  "actual", as many rental studios use tricky or exaggerated size and height claims.

rough measurements so far, but supposed to be 7000 sf.

main space: 100' x 32' = 3200 sf with 480 sf elevated section.

additional space: 60' x 32' = 1920 sf

offices: usable, but need TLC, with carpet ripped out pre-reno: 2 washrooms, kitchenette, lunchroom, 4 full offices, and one smaller " IT room" . All private, with a large, open common area 1575 sf.

$4000 / week 24/7 access, or $750/day 12 hrs

two 17' x 36' greenscreens, 20' x 30' bluescreen, 14' x 30' black duvyfabrics available for rent, for backgrounds (not touching floor).

Note, the additional space will be used as storage by us first.

See photos or pre-reno, move-in state https://www.boasolutions.com/mississauga-warehouse