Studio H info


2500 square ft facility (4000 sq ft with outdoor stage). with stage in place, open studio area is about 1800 sf. 40' x 45' with 16' ceilings

Event and Parties permitted (SOP (special events permit) applicable.

Additional spaces available at extra cost.

Stage: 16X26 or 416 sq ft (Removable), Drum Riser 8X8 (Removable). Brown Laminate finish or Black Marley Matt Finish

Lighting: Small DMX lighting rig included ( 6 leekos, 10 par cans, 2 led rgb). Also capable to bring in your own production and tie in to our power source (200 amps, 3 phase)

Sound Proofing:  Wall to wall black sound curtains or white walls behind the curtains.

Small Kitchen Area (microwave, mini fridge, etc) , Tables and folding chairs

Street Level Load in Dock

Free Parking

3 minute walk from Kipling Subway station,

Capacity: 200 Standing, 400 Including Outdoor 2nd Stage Area

Backline Gear: 5 piece Gretch drums with hardware, Messa Boogie Triple Rectifier, Messa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Messa Boogie Single Rectifier, Marshall 2000, 2 Marshall 4X12 guitar cabs, 1 Rivera 4X10 guitar cab, 1 Messa Boogie 4X12 guitar cab, Ampeg SVT 6X10 Bass Cab with Ampeg PF500 Bass Head. Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Cymbals rentals available

Sound: Digital Allen Heath Qu-32 Mixer or Analog Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixer, Pro Xl MDX 2600 Compressor, Two – DBX 215 Graphic EQ, Alto EQU 231 LED Dual 31 Band Graphic EQ, Alto Bverb FX, Presonus Firewire 24 Bit Firepod, M-Audio Fire 410, Ashley XR-1001 2 Channel Crossover, QSC Power light 1800 Watt Power Amp, EV-CP200 Power Amp, EV-Q66 Power Amp

Front Of House:  4 Yorkville Paraline PSA 1, 2 Unity 1500w Sub Speakers

On Stage Monitors: 6 EAW Wedge Monitors (In ears avail upon request)

Additional (extra charge): Mixing Room,  Lighting Package, Video Projector and Screen (any size of choice), Sound Tech, Extra Lighting and Tech, Power Tie In, Stage hands, Marley Flooring

RATE SPECIALS, include stage lighting and console:

$300 for up to 4 hrs

$450 for up to 8 hrs

$600 for up 12 hrs

additional hours $50/hr. if booked in advance, or $100/hr. on-demand overtime

additional time separate form main booking (same billing, different day, like for pickup, prep, etc) $150/hr. 24/7/365

As with all our represented spaces, renter must provide certificate of insurance

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