Studio F

up to 3000 sf available for rental
Full day (10Hours) : $900
3 or more continuous days $800 for additional days
Unit features and amenities
  • Ground level with 20' overhead loading door
  • 14' camera prep table
  • 60 amp JOY connection
  • 120 amps of power dedicated to shooting
  • 4' by 8' flats to build sets or close off areas
  • Dedicated parking spaces
  • Client room / Colour suite (Additional cost of $350)
  • Kitchen area 
  • SONOS sound system
  • Garment steamer
  • Garment rack
  • Multi use room (hair & make-up, DIT, ext.)
  • Cutlery, cups, glasses, plates, bowls
  • two large  and one small folding tables
  • 12 folding chairs
  • two picnic tables
  • two small rolling tables
  • 4 stools.

Recorded audio many times here, however it is NOT a sound proof studio and we can't make any guarantees about sound.   Generally the only issues we have are people walking around upstairs and/or people using the loading door in the hallway outside our unit.  Disruptions are usually only a few minutes long. 

Natural Light...or Not

Several twelve foot high windows all along the north wall let in beautiful diffused light all day long.  Of course we do have blackout curtains as well if you want to have complete control and light from scratch. 

Here is the info for blackout for F:

Two windows are around 14' by 18',  One is 10' x 14', then there is the opening to the prep area with is 16' x 18'. Fabrics are viable through Boa to block the natural light here.

DIT Colour Suite on Site

Want to get started on post while onset? Or just want a nice room to review in privacy?  Our colour suite can be added to your booking and makes a great client room!

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