Do you have a space that is sometimes under-used?

Do you want to generate extra revenue from it, easily?

If so, Boa Studios will represent your space, having three different levels of engagement, with at least one being ideally suited to your situation. Minimum fee to Boa is $100 per booking.

Level III also includes professional photography on-site that is for exclusive use of Boa Studios, to help promote your space.

Level III (full local service) You do not need to do anything once the setup is done...just accept e-transfer for $1000 and under or cash the checks to you for over that. 50% fee. We open, support, and close for each rental. For straight rentals, needs to be relatively close to either Queen & Dufferin, QEW and Islington Ave, or somewhere in between. If we are providing gear rentals and/or support services, than it can be anywhere.

Level II (full remote service, includes all payment processing costs) Best for somewhat setup private studios, rental studios that are just starting, or locations that are farther away. 35% fee, in which up to 8.3% of that is our payment processing costs. Level III requires a dedicated person available onsite that can handle opening, closing, hands-on support, and showings. Can be located anywhere.

Level 1 (for already established rental studios, active marketing through us, full detailed listings and photo galleries on our site. A 20% commission paid to us within 7 days for rates up to $1000/day. Higher priced venues negotiable. This is a great way for studios that have an established studio rental workflow, experience in the photo or video business, but want to turbo-boost bookings through our network, continuous client inquiries, industry connections, and high search engine rankings.

Contact Mir at 647-895-5232 to discuss monetizing your venue!

Note: We advertise the same rate structure as is advertised elsewhere for that space. The client pays the same rate as dealing directly. The venue pays for our extra sales support. The customer wins because they have our additional experience. resources, and production energy devoted to their needs at no extra costs. The venue wins because it allows them to focus their time on other things, and brings in extra customers. Most of a venue's costs are fixed, whether they have customers or not, so extra customers = pure profit.