Boa Solutions / Mir Lada - media production & support services in Toronto | Racine Rd. studio

Attention: production managers, location scouts, producers, directors, and anyone that needs shoot & production space in Toronto.

Just became available - large, tall open, raw warehouse space with clear span / no columns for day rental for film, tv, video, and still photo productions. Shoot space is 28’ x 78’ with 22’ ceiling. 2600 sf is dedicated to rental. Direct full height levelling truck and lower cube docks. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 401 & 427 in Etobicoke. Offered for limited time intro rate of $500 / day or under $400/ day as part of $1000 / day comprehensive gear and gaffer package.

Pending standing pre-lit sets with 1) 78’ wide x 20’ high digigreen green screen; 2) 50’ wide x 20’ high white background; 3) 30’ x 30’ x 14’ high black corner background.

Temporary photos while before cleaning and set-up.

22’ steel truss ceilings (20’ clear)
28’ between columns
minimum 2600 sf dedicated to your production, within a 5000 sf space
28’ x 78’ (2184 sf) completely clear space plus loading, staging, and production support areas
located just north-east of 401 and 427
levelling truck dock with 8’ wide x 10’ high door. Can bring in car, SUV, pickup etc on a flatbed.
cube dock integrated into pedestrian landing
lots of free parking next to direct entrance from lot
double utility sink
basic dry kitchenette well-suited for craft services support. bar fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, electric tea kettle, toaster oven, plates, glasses, mugs, cutlery.
lounge area
hair and makeup area with 5000k lighting
wardrobe area with rolling rack, steamer, iron, long mirror, etc
lots of chairs and folding tables included
low key, low traffic production rate with up to 20 people in space included. More attendees: extra charge.

$1000 / day discounted rental package ($1275 value) includes the following:

1) 8 hr rental of space in as is condition (inquire about current state), including load-in and load-out. Space only is normally $500/day. Additional hours for space, crew, and gear are just $100/hr when booked in advance. Rental of space requires package…not available as basic rental.

2) location manager & very experienced film gaffer and still lighting technician to do your lighting setup and provide general help (including grip, still capture management, still assisting, etc). Normally at $400/day

3) $300 of your choice of equipment rentals, including motion and still lighting, grip, backgrounds, camera dept, etc. Very extensive inventory with feature film grade gear.


This is not a soundstage, but fairly quiet except for buzz of transformer, which will baffle once bookings ramp up. Sound shoots can be done with a bunch of sound blankets rigged (equipment rental credit can be used of this as well).

There are a few small windows high up, which can easily be blacked out. Materials are provided for this.

This is intro rate. Once set up more, including very sturdy rolling full size scaffold with internal stairs,14’ platform, guard rails, for rigging onto ceiling.

Huge backgrounds are available, including a 78’ x 28’ digigreen, two 36’ x 17’ chromagreen, three 30’ x 14’ black, 30’ x 20’ chroma blue, 50’ x 40’ white plastic, rolls of black / white dance floor,  20’ x 20’ lightbox diffusion, frames, sky highs, etc.

The space is temporarily available, but we have option to lease it if there are enough bookings right away for it to make that worthwhile. We welcome strategic partners that may need to use it often, into a longer-term solution.

limited electrical service (30 kVA 120/208 transformer with 125A panel for whole building). Circuits unknown yet. Higher power than 1k tungsten or 800w HMI, or higher quantities of non-LED lighting, may require a generator. Hoping to soon put in a higher power outlet for lights up to 5k tungsten, 4k HMI, or 6x 1k tungsten. If space is secured long-term, have plan on lighting up backgrounds with 1k equiv LED floods.

Current setup package is $100/day discount for additional days, and $200/day discount for additional weeks.

1 ton van and pending 5 ton straight truck available for additional fee. Full height rolling scaffold with internal stairs for additional fee. Fully equipped lighting and grip truck available to work off of in dock.

Other uses considered, as long as they do not make dust or create extreme noise. Some dust and paint activity can be done outside on or near cube dock.

If interested in current for future setup, please email me, and I can give you updates.

Mir Lada    647-895-5232  
mir (at) boa solutions (dot) com
studio rental setup and management; gaffer; equipment rentals; still and motion lighting tech.

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