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Created 26-Apr-12
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This is an example of what a 1.5 hour family portrait studio shoot would typically result in, with just over an hour from first to last exposure. These are 65 unretouched "proof" first-round selects done by us from about 250 "digital captures" done using a "cropped sensor small format DSLR". We used a 20' white cove, with a "sunny" lighting style. The shoot was done in 2006 of my sister-in-law's family, and I show it because we usually have a password to protect our clients' "proof" galleries from public view, before images go through retouching, cropping, and enhancement. Although we are quite happy with this result, our cameras and lenses now, many years later, have more resolution, allowing even greater enlargement. Please try all the features in this presentation system, including the "buy", "style", and "slideshow" features.
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