Working bundles, fully loaded

PowerMac G4 Cube, 450MHz, 320MB RAM, 20GB Ultra ATA/66 drive, OS 10.4.11, ATI Rage 128, DVD-ROM, 2 FireWire 400, 2 USB, 10/100 Ethernet, AirPort WiFi, Apple Studio Display 15” LCD, Original external speakers

PowerMac G3 Blue & White, 300MHz, 512MB RAM, 20GB SCSI drive, OS 10.3, ATI Rage 128, CD-ROM, ZIP, 2 FireWire 400, 2 USB, 10/100 Ethernet, Sony Trinitron 17”

Power Macintosh G3 Beige, 266MHz, 320MB RAM, 8GB SCSI drive, OS 9.2.2, 2x ATI video cards, DVD-ROM, ZIP, 10/100 Ethernet, Sony Trinitron 17”

Power Macintosh 8600/300, 300MHz, 352MB RAM, 2x 4GB SCSI drives, OS 9.1, VGA and Apple video cards, 2x A/V RCA, CD-RW, DVD, ZIP, Ethernet, Sony Trinitron 17”

Power Macintosh 8500/120, 233 MHz PowerPC upgrade, 64MB RAM (extra RAM available), 4GB SCSI drive, OS 9.1, VGA and Apple video cards, CD-ROM, ZIP, Ethernet, AppleVison 17” + Apple 21” Monochrome

PC Pentium 4, 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 40GB IDE drive, Windows XP, Dual VGA card, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Multi-card reader, FireWire 400, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, ViewSonic 17”

PC AMD-K6, 550MHz, 512MB RAM, 10GB IDE drive, Windows XP, VGA card, DVD-ROM, USB, 10/100 Ethernet, ViewSonic 17” monitor

Apple iBook G3, PowerPC 750 500MHz, 320 MB RAM, 10GB disk, 12” 1024x768 screen, ATI Rage M3 video card,CD-ROM, 2 USB ports, 1 FireWire 400 port, AirPort WiFi card, 10/100Base-T Ethernet.  CD bay doesn’t stay closed.


Non working computers

PowerMac G4, 450MHz, 1GB RAM, 20GB drive, OS 10.4.11, DVD-ROM, ZIP, 2 FireWire 400, 2 USB, 10/100 Ethernet. Reset button is causing no startup.

PowerMac G4, 450MHz, 1GB RAM, 20GB Ultra, OS 10.4.11, ATI Rage 128, CDD-RW, 2 FireWire 400, 2 USB, 10/100 Ethernet, KDS VS-7i 17” monitor

Power Macintosh 9600/233, Upgraded with PowerLogix G3/333 card, 768MB RAM, 2x 9GB Ultra SCSI drives, OS 9.1, 3x video cards, CD-ROM, ZIP, 10/100 Ethernet.  Not booting of of internal drive. Needs better OS install.

Macintosh PowerBook 140 Series, 68030 16MHz, 4MB RAM, 40MB drive, 9.8” Monochrome display, OS 7.6, expansion bay, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM 12X, HDI port, Apple serial port. Does not start.

PC Pentium 4, 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, ATI 92LE 128MB video card, 10/100 Ethernet.  Not hard disk, does’t pass POST.

PC Pentium 4, 1.6GHz, 512MB RAM, 20GB Ultra ATA, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, ATI Rage Fury Pro video card, 10/100 Ethernet, WiFi.  Not booting off of drive.

PC Pentium III, 750MHz, 640MB RAM, blank 20GB IDE drive, 10/100 Ethernet, CD-ROM

IBM 300GL, PC Pentium II MMX, 333MHz, 256MB RAM, 4GB ATA drive, 3x 10/100 Ethernet, CD-ROM.  Configured as a dedicated Router only.

Doggie case (orange), Power Unit, 1.44MB Diskette drive



LaCie 19” monitors (high-end graphics monitor)

Monitor KDS VS-190, 19”, 1600 x 1200, Millions of colours.

Monitor KDS VS-7i, 17”, 1280 x 1024, Millions of colours.

Monitor Dell Ultra Scan P780, 17”, 1600 x 1200, Flat Trinitron CRT, Millions of colours.

Monitor Apple Multiple Scan 15AV Display, 15”, 1024x768, Millions of colours, CD quality stereo speakers, ADC plug, + VGA adapter.  Red channel not working.


CDs, DVDs, HDDs, and External units

CD-R Sony CDV-9265, SCSI-2, 6X read, 2X write.

CD-ROM Sony CDU-5221, IDE/EIDE, 52X read, 2X write.

Multi DVD Drive, LG GSA-4040B, DVD ±R/RW,4X ±R, 2X ±RW, 12X Read.

Multi DVD± RW DL, NEC ND-3520A, 48X CD-R, 8X DVD+RW, 24X CD-RW, 16X DVD-ROM SL, 7X DVD-ROM DL, 4X DVD+R DL, 16X DVD-R.


LaCie External SCSI CD-ROM, 12X (Toshiba).

LaCie External SCSI CD-ROM, 40X.

LaCie External SCSI CD-RW, 8-4-24X (Yamaha).

Maxtor External Hard Disk Drive, 80 GB, Ultra ATA, 5400 rpm, FireWire 400, MacOS 10.4 bootable.  Power source missing.

External Hard Disk Drive, 2 GB, SCSI, Quantum Atlas II, MacOS 9.1 bootable.

Hard Disk Drive Quantum Atlas II, 4.5 GB, SCSI Wide, 7200 rpm.

Hard Disk Drive Quantum Fireball II EX, 6 GB, ATA 33.

Hard Disk Drive Quantum ProDrive LPS GM24S027, 245 MB, SCSI LP.

Storage Enclosure, Trimm ShoeBox SHB-050522, 2 bays, SCSI Wide.

2x DataBridge Super Rack, VIPowER IDE/USB Docking Station

2x iomega zip 100, SCSI.

5x ADC MAPOWER KC51S, 5.25” External Enclosure, slim type.


Memory and other cards

2x RAM, 1GB module PC2-5300 SoDimm DDR2 667MHz.

Video CardATI Radeon 9200SE, 128MB DDR

FireWire 400 card.

IDE adapter for PowerPC.



Tablet WACOM Digitizer II, 12” x 18”, UD-1218-R

Tablet WACOM Digitizer II, 6” x 8”, UD-0608-A

Tablet WACOM Digitizer, 6” x 9”, SD-510C

Tablet WACOM Graphire, 5” x 3.65”, ET-0405-U
Mouse Logitech, MouseMan Wheel MC-CW47, 2 buttons, wheel, PS/2.

Mouse, AOpen MS-48, 2 buttons, wheel, PS/2

2 x Mouse Mitsuko, MS333OP, 2 buttons, wheel, PS/2.

Wireless Optical Mouse, generic.

Wireless Keyboard, Logitech Cordless iTouch Keyboard Y-RB6 + Cordless Optical Mouse, Logitech M-RM67A + Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard Receiver C-UA4-DUAL, USB.

2 x keyboard, Microsoft Basic Keyboard 1.0A, PS/2

Keyboard, Microsoft Internet Keyboard, PS/2

2 x keyboard, Cicero Deluxe Internet Keyboard, PS/2

Keyboard, Mitsuko KM-9801PUSA, PS/2

2 x keyboard, Logitech Internet Navigaion Keyboard Y-BF37,    USB

Keyboard, AppleDesign Keyboard + Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II, Apple ADB port

Keyboard, Ergonomic Extended Keyboard + One Button Mouse, Apple ADB port

Speakers Nspeed, Basic PC external.



Wireless Broadband Router, D-Link DI-624, AirPlus Xtreme G, 2.4 GHz, 108 Mbps, 4 ethernet ports

Wireless-G Broadband Router,Linksys WRT54G, 2.4 GHz, 54 Mbps, 4 ethernet ports.  Wireless not working, 4 port switch OK.

Ethernet Switch, SMC EZSwitch 10/100/1000 8508T, 8 ports.

SOHOware Ethernet adapter 9S-821000-07, 10/100Base-T




Printer and Fax

Printer EPSON Stylus Photo 2000P, 1440 x 720 dpi, 6 colour system, 13” x 44” max print size, Ports: USB, Parallel + 1 Epson black ink cartridge T015311 + 1 Epson colour ink cartridge T016311. Mac and Windows.

Printer EPSON Stylus Photo 1200, 1400 x 720 dpi, 6 colour system, 12.76” x 18.76” max print size, Ports: USB, Parallel, Mac serial + Axis 1440 Ethernet-parallel adapter + Epson black ink cartridge S020187. Mac and Windows.  Heads need clean-up
Printer HP LaserJet 6MP, 600 dpi, 8 ppm, Ports: LocalTalk, two parallel ports , IrDA.

Printer Apple Personal LaserWriter NTR M2000, 300 dpi, 4 ppm, Ports: RS-232/RS-422, Centronics Parallel, and LocalTalk + AsantéTalk Ethernet Adapter.

Multifunction, Lexmark X125, 2400 x 1200 dpi, 16ppm black, 8ppm colour. Windows.

Fax, Samsung FX-1505



Agfa ARCUS II, 1200 dpi, 12 bit, 8.26” x 14”, Plain paper, transparencies, and film, SCSI, Mac. OK.

Agfa SNAPSCAN e50, 1200 dpi (1200 x 2400), 8.5” x 12”, Plain paper and slides, USB, Mac/Windows.  Needs power adapter 15V 1.2A

UMAX Astra 1200S, 9600 dpi interpolated, 1200 dpi native, 30 bit, 8.5” x 14”, SCSI-2, Mac/Windows.  Glass is down needs glue.

EPSON EXPRESSION 1680, 1600 dpi, 48 bit, 3.6 Dmax, 8.5” x 11.7”, Plain paper and Transparency, Ports: SCSI, FireWire 400, USB. Mac/Windows. Includes SilverPixel software.  Needs new lamp-set.