Mir Lada is available as gaffer, chief lighting technician, best boy, electric, grip in Toronto, Ontario available for films, commercials, music videos, television shows, corporate videos

Mir Lada

Chief Lighting Technician / Lighting Director / Lighting Designer / Gaffer / Swing

cel: 647-895-5232

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stills I did on my gaffer jobs

motion gallery (of footage that I could download and post on here)

Mir Lada lives lighting. Every moment during everyday life, he observes and dissects light, for his mind’s lighting database. This has given him the ability to quickly spec lighting type and position mentally, tracking well with the final set-up, and the finished footage. This saves time and money on set. Combining his love of design and art, with his interests and experiences with technology, Mir possesses a well-rounded skill set with related fields such as cameras, optics, grip, set design, and CGI. Having done thousands of shoots with still transparency film, and having to have exposure within 1/3 stop of perfection, without the luxury of any monitor or EVF, his eye is naturally tuned to deal with life’s contrast ranges.

With decades of experience working with advertising, corporate and entertainment clients and talent, as a commercial photographer Mir has photographed thousands of people, products, interiors, as well as naturally integrating CGI environments with photography. Samples of Mir's photography and digital illustration 1990-2002 are on a number of sites, such as Profotos and Model Mayhem. MIr’s transition to motion, with the additional challenge of the dimension of time, was inevitable. Young at heart and energetic, Mir also appreciates today’s trends in design, clothing, and music, and such can understand concepts and styles in the projects he is involved with, whether music videos, commercials, corporate, or educational.

Mir owns and operates Boa, a lighting, grip, and DSLR rental house with thousands of pieces of classic and cutting-edge lighting and grip. He updates himself daily on today’s and tomorrow’s technologies, with a regard to yesterday’s techniques. Mir is very at ease with digital technologies, being involved in digitally altering imagery since 1993, CGI since 1995, high-end digital capture since 2001, and throughout that time, setting up and troubleshooting Macs. He also spent 2000-2007 designing for web portfolio software and leading a development team. In 2008 Mir returned to his technical roots and started a still equipment rental business and digital tech training facility, which in 2012 shifted focus to motion gear rentals and lighting services.  This year, Mir will be distilling his motion gear arsenal down to the must-haves. Mir reps 8 (and growing) complimentary studios in Toronto; owns a 1 ton van; and a 5 ton, 21 foot box cabover truck with liftgate, has corporate liability insurance; and has experience driving up to 26’ G license straight trucks. Mir has high-level knowledge of Canon and Nikon DSLR systems, medium format still systems, match lighting and chromakey, and working knowledge of tools, mechanics, rigging, materials, electrical, and optics. All of his resources are available for hire.

With smaller productions that don’t have a lot of set and lighting changes throughout the day, Mir will often do double duty as on-set stills photographer or grip, or even occasionally operates simpler digital motion cameras. Samples of this work are below. Mir is very “hands-on” and willing to enthusiastically and creatively assist in whatever department needs an extra hand at the moment. Mir is easy-going, cool under pressure, good at creative “out of the box” solutions, and enjoys collaborating with, and assisting others.

Note: below doesn't include all the projects done as still photo lighting, still digital capture technician, or production stills / gallery shoots, which provide similar experiences.



Recruited several new studios and locations to join the Boa Solutions network. Setting up 1 ton and 5 ton lighting and grip package trucks, and minivan stealth package.

Boots & Hearts contest promo for Chevrolet/GM Canada - Corus Entertainment - Momentum Wordwide, agency - Cindy MacDougall, Director - Kevin Wong, D.P. (gaffer, studio & equipment rental) 170605

Active For Life / Multi-Sport Athlete PSA - Joe Fresh Barry Berona, DP,  Wayne Craig, Director. (gaffer, studio & equipment rental) 170508

Documentary on artist Joseph Drapel - Fifth Ground Entertainment, TW Peacocke, director (gaffer, equipment rental) 170406

An Exceptional Life, television show pilot - Fifth Ground Entertainment, (gaffer, equipment rental) 170331

Air Hogs Drones, commercials - Spin Master Toys, Fifth Ground Entertainment, Chris Szarka, director (gaffer, equipment rental) 170329

CESO 50th anniversary shot on Epic Monochrome Content & Brand Co. Simran Dewan, DOP 170309

Celebrity chef TV special on location,  Gusto Worldwide Media - Matt West, director. Matthew MacDonald, DOP. (gaffer) 170205, 170206, 170210

Alternative Thinking, commercials, G-Hack Media Inc., Moosa Haniel Alikhani, director (gaffer, equipment rental) 170208

Air Hogs Drones, commercials - Fifth Ground Entertainment (gaffer, equipment rental) 170203

Almond Milk - Food Appeal - series of how-to videos on social media - Fifth Ground (gaffer, equipment rental) 170119

Michelle Treacy- Colours. Sony music. music video. Ben Kaplan, director. (gaffer, equipment rental, location provider and manager). 170106 video and “behind the scenes” video

Blue Rodeo - I Can’t Hide This Anymore Warner Music Canada. music video - Shelby Fenlon, director & DP (gaffer, studio rental, equipment rental) 17010)



Spent a lot of year doing foundation work for creating a 5 ton lighting and grip truck, while running Boa’s equipment rental division.

Houzz, commercials as interviews for home-related services. Jason Kin, director. (gaffer, studio rental, equipment rental, crew sourcing and coordination) 161129-161130

Eleftheromania, short. David Antoniuk, director. (gaffer, 5 ton L&G truck) 161113-161114 website gallery

Amazon Holiday Gift Guide Commercials- SpinMaster Toys, Kris Booth, Director (gaffer and rental equipment provider on 2 simultaneous studio sets). 10 days 161004-161014, 161019-161021

Documentary about  the boxer Lennox Lewis, Rick Lazes / The ARK Group , 4 days 160906-160910, 160912 (gaffer and rental equipment provider)

Melissa Ramos, Sexy Food Therapy Inc commercials Gravity Images Bryan Wright  4 days 160804-160807 (gaffer, studio, and rental equipment provider)

“Legends of Horror” interactive building projection against Castle Loma Kris Brockman Greensuite studio shoot of vampire for on Halloween 160804 (gaffer, studio, and equipment rental) video

Bentley Media Group on location in Cambridge (repeat of previous year) Still shots using motion lighting. Jed Wells, director. (gaffer and rental equipment provider) 160708

Bentley Media Group Two locations in Toronto Jed Wells, director. (gaffer and rental equipment provider) 160620-160621

Song of Extinction, Marc de Guerre, Director  Greensuite studio shoot of exotic animals for Luminato Festival event at Hearn Generating Station  DP Alan Poon 160526 (gaffer, studio, and rental equipment provider) website

PSA about battery recycling for Peel Region, John Sokolowski, Director (gaffer, production stills, equipment and  studio provider 160205 (gaffer, studio, and rental equipment provider) video


Spent most of the year testing and inventorying thousands of new pieces in lighting, grip, and electrical arsenal.


TRANSITIONS - Kira Murphy, Producer, Writer, Director, Actress  (production still photography, feature poster photographer, equipment provider) trailer


AUTOGARD - Jam Productions (gaffer, equipment rental provider, rental studio provider, production stills) 151024 gallery

FOX HARB’R - Emotion VFX - Kris Brockman (gaffer, equipment rental provider, rental studio provider, production stills) 151014 gallery

Director of Photography:

WINNIE HARLOW - Complex Magazine - First time as DP (using the term liberally) on simple, last minute project of shooting abstract, slow pan close-up footage of model and vitiligo spokeswoman Winnie Harlow during magazine photo shoot by Saty+Pratha . video

still photo:

THE REAL CUP OF JOE - Martinson Coffee - David Krovblit (lighting technician, equipment rental provider, behind-the-scenes photography) 140429 gallery

A7 FEATURE - Audi Magazine - ste.ho - (gaffer, equipment rental provider, studio rental provider, behind-the-scenes photography) gallery


music videos:

E-THUGGIN - Rooster Squad - music video - gaffer, lighting / grip rental provider - full length greenscreen cyc plus 2 sets at same time. video   gallery

TELL ME - Vita Chambers - music video (Gaffer, studio, lighting / grip rental provider, production stills) - Aaron Dean Director/DP, NYC  video   gallery

FREEZE - Rock’n’Rainbow - children’s music video (Gaffer, studio, lighting / grip rental provider, production stills) - Michael Hurlbut, Director/DP - Rainbow Songs Inc. video

HANDS TOGETHER - Rock’n’Rainbow - music video (Gaffer, studio, lighting / grip rental provider, production stills) - Michael Hurlbut, Director/DP - Rainbow Songs Inc. video


FEVA TV channel - Corus Entertainment - lighting designer / gaffer / studio provider. Shot at Boa's warehouse. gallery


EPSON Projector challenge - The Hive, Los Angeles. Interviews with people looking at projector comparisons, for use on the Epson North America site - booth at ProFusion 2014 Expo at Toronto Convention Centre (Gaffer, lighting and grip provider) gallery


THE HALLOW KILL - http://www.raindance.org-  short film (gaffer, production stills, and lighting / grip rental provider) -Wilson Chan, Director 141220 gallery

THE BLIND OWL - Dave Was Here (gaffer, equipment rental provider, studio rental provider, production stills) 141026 gallery  trailer

still photo:

QUAKER - Quaker Goodness Campaign “On the Go” - David Krovblit (lighting technician, equipment rental provider, behind-the-scenes photography) 141221 to 141223 gallery

MARS CANDY - David Krovblit (lighting technician, equipment rental provider, rental studio provider, behind-the-scenes photography) 141030 gallery

TRUXMART - promotion stills for truck cover company sot at Boa's warehouse (lighting tech and grip) 140929  gallery


Spent most of the year learning, wiring, installing 336’ of grid pipe, testing lights up to 12k, and setting up large cyc lighting (30x 1k cyc lights, controlled by DMX dimmer system, running off cam-loks, and learning high power distro a 20x50 cyclorama soundstage in The Junction and shooting most of these projects there, plus helping many productions plan and execute their studio and equipment rental needs.

music videos:

THE DEVIL PUT DINOSAURS HERE (EXPLICIT) - Alice In Chains  - music video - (Gaffer, studio / lighting / grip/ lens rental, production stills) Travis Hopkins, Director - Michael Jari Davidson, DP - Buckshot Design video

STARGAZER - The Rabid Whole - music video (Gaffer, Key Grip, studio, lighting and grip provider) Brendan Coutts, DP - Peter J Arvidsson, Director - Production Company, Elektrik Playground video

BALL & CHAIN - The Cruelty Party  - music video (Best Boy, studio, lighting and grip provider) - George Vail DP/ Director  - Magnacyd video

I WAS A FOOL (LYRIC VIDEO) - Tegan and Sara - music video (Gaffer, studio, lighting and grip provider) Travis Hopkins, Director - Michael Jari Davidson, CSC, DP video


SHARED VALUES - Personal Injury Alliance - national TV commercial (Gaffer, studio, lighting and grip provider) - Jay Guerriere, DP - Atomic Clock Cinematic Arts Inc.video

3M RELEVANCE campaign shot on iPhone 4, original sequence, all practical fx, no video or audio editing. Commercials for 3M for Instagram - (Gaffer, Studio 1 rental, lighting and grip provider, production stills) Ben Mazzotta, DP/ Director - Little Engine Pictures Inc.

1. HIDDEN BRACES http://instagram.com/p/b3v58VK-4W/#

2. STETHOSCOPES http://instagram.com/p/b4BFl8K-xJ/#

3. ELECTRICAL TAPE http://instagram.com/p/b4QJ8Yq-6v/#

4. GIFT WRAP TAPE http://instagram.com/p/b4m9YMq-zD/#

5. FLAT SCREENS FOR TVs http://instagram.com/p/b4Y6C7q-64/#

6. WINDOW SEALANTS http://instagram.com/p/b64U25q--h/#

7. REFLECTIVE SIGNS http://instagram.com/p/b413gYq-67/#



SEPTDONT, WORLD LEADER IN DENTAL ANESTHESIA - Novocol Pharmaceutical - industrial video

(Gaffer, lighting and grip provider) Chris Wilson Director/DP - Moving Pictures Inc.  video



Samba Kidz - Building Communities One Beat at a Time - (Gaffer, studio, lighting and grip provider) Dean Vargas, Director video


FARA - trailer (Gaffer, lighting and grip provider): Arshad Khan, Director  - Justin Black, DP - Canadian Film Centre video


music videos:

KHASTE AM  - Paiman Aghasi - music video (Gaffer, lighting / grip /lens rental provider, production stills) Kajeh Mehrizi, Director / DP - video

OLE OLE - J Raj ft. JoSH - music video, Director - Jag S. Budwal video  gallery


THE PRESENT - short (Gaffer, lighting / grip rental provider) directed by Michael Proudfoot, April 21-22, 2012. DP - Tom Nagy, Producer - David Antoniuk, (not public yet, viewing by request) video  gallery

The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom  (Best Boy, lighting and grip provider) - David Antoniuk, Director - Gregor Hagey CSC DG, DP - Jeff Hanley, Gaffer - Dave Was Here Inc.  video  gallery

still photo:

ARRIVALS.CA - Che Kothari motion & still (gaffer, still lighting tech, still capture tech, equipment rentals, studio O rental) 120612-120613  gallery   site w/videos




Lighting rental in Toronto (owned, in-house) highlights:

Equipment owned and available for rental is roughly equivalent to a 5 ton/ 26’ all-in-one truck, with mainly lighting and grip, some camera support, Canon and Nikon DSLR lenses & bodies, with an abundance of HMI and tungsten gear, with a growing arsenal fluorescent and LED. Mir has carts and rolling shelves to take everything on the road in a rental truck that is suitable for the needs of the production, easily rolled onto the three available full size truck docks that can accommodate up to 53’ trailers.

LED fixtures: Arri L7C; Arri Locaster x 2 kit; Arri Broadcaster x 2 kit; 2x Aputure Light Storm
LC-1 45 degree bi-color 1536 LED DMX, wireless remote; 2x Aputure Amaran H198C 60 degree
bi-color & 1x daylight on-camera LED; 3x Aputure Amaran HR672C 75 degree flood
2x2 Rosco daylight Axiom HO+ panel; 3x CN600 daylight LED, 1x1 daylight LED with 4
switchable banks (no dimmer), Ikan 144 LED w/ multiple col temp,.
LED Ribbon: extensive (hundreds of feet) of single and dual density ribbon in hybrid, tungsten,
a daylight, including flicker-free dimmers and ultra high 97 CRI. Speciality includes UV Blacklight ribbon.

HMI lighting rental (about 50 count) SINGLES: 6/12k HMI PAR with electronic ballast, 12k HMI fresnel w/ both electronic and magnetic ballasts, 6k HMI fresnel magnetic, 4k HMI PAR electronic, 4K HMI PAR head #2, 4k HMI  fresnel electronic, 4k fresnel HMI magnetic, 800w PAR all-weather electronic, 400w PAR all-weather electronic, 575w open faced with integrated ballast, 575w PAR (overdriven to 800w) with integrated ballast, 200w PAR HMI electronic, 200w fresnel magnetic.

HMI lighting rental MULTIPLE QUANTITY: 2.5k PAR HMI electronic & magnetic, 2.5k fresnel HMI electronic & magnetic, 1.2k PAR HMI electronic & magnetic, 1.2k fresnel HMI electronic & magnetic, 1.2k soft HMI electronic and magnetic, 1.2k bare bulb HMI electronic, 575w PAR HMI electronic & magnetic, 575w fresnel HMI electronic & magnetic, 575w open-faced flood HMI electronic & magnetic, 575w soft, 575w open-faced focusable, 200w fresnel HMI magnetic, 270w sungun, and 3 units of the unique Profoto 1.2k bare bulb and compact electronic ballast HMI, ideal for lanterns, soft boxes, sunlight in small quarters, or gritty overhead looks….plus it takes all Profoto reflectors.

TUNGSTEN lighting rental: over 250 fixtures ranging from 10k to 100w fresnels; 1, 2, and 4k softs; 6k Barger Baglite for Chimeras, over 50 Ellipsoidals 575w-2k; two 9 lites;  Many 2k Mighty Moles and Blondes, 1k Mickey Mole open, over a dozen 1k starlight bare bulb, for dozens of Chimeras up to 6k capacity for our tungsten and HMI fixtures. In addition, many hundreds of practical bulbs, including stringers.

FLOURESCENT lighting rental (complete with daylight and tungsten bulb sets +1 spare): 2x 4x2’ Mole Biax 2 dimmable w/ case (2x55w similar to Diva 201’s);  2x Lowel Caselight 4’s (4x55w) with 4 switches, black eggcrate; 2x Brightline 2 bulb DMX dimmable (2x55w) silver eggcrate; Lowel 6x4’ (4x40w) folding bank; 3x 6 bulb, 3 bank generic (6x55w), huge inventory of high output ballasts and T8/T12 tombstones for custom installs of any size (10x17’ soft box with 40x 4’ available).


over 20 1/4-20 spud lightweight stands, 26 baby mount stands various sizes, 21 Junior stands from lowboys to crank to wide wide sky highs, 24 C stands, 30 arms, 16 stand cart. Lots of accessories. 50 milk crates of small grip. Dozens of totes and carts of electrical up to 4/0 cam-lok. Extensive tools. 30 sand bags. 100 lbs+ of Barbell weights for camera cranes, 17x90’ bleached seamless muslin, 28x78’ digital green, two 17x36’ chroma greens, 20x30’ chroma blue, 8x8 chroma blue/green reversible, 12x12 digital green with black backing, 200’ of 12’+ high black curtain and rags; extensive choice of rags from 6x6 to 30x30, with two 12x12 and one 20x20 4’ snap together overhead frames. portable platform dolly and hard rubber track, Axis dolly with steel track, 5’ linear bed, 4x4 floppies, frames, 216; 2x3 flag kits, 3x3 gel frames, tons of 18x24 flags, scrims, silks, frames. Cookies and shiny boards various sizes. 5 sheets of 5/8 smooth ply for doorway dolly work


(note, we are doing a lot of inventory updates. Items underlined are available for rental as well as for sale. Items in italics are coming soon, so let us know when you need it for)

Canon rental (Note Nikon AIs & D lenses work great for motion work with our adapters for Canon bodies)

full frame: Canon 5DII, Rokinon 14mm f2.8, 16-35mm f2.8L, 17mm TS-E f4L, 24mm TS-E f3.5L,  24mm f1.4L, 50mm f1.2 SSC w/ Ed Micka conversion, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.2IIL, Rokinon 85mm T1.5 cine w/ focus and stepless aperture gears,  90mm f2.8L TS-E, 100mm f2.8L macro, 100mm f2,  135mm f2L, 70-200mm f2.8L IS ,Tamron 200-500mm f5-5.6 SP, Tamron 2x, 300MM F4L IS, 1.4xII, Lensbaby with three set screws for stability + all accessories, extensive range of medium format high megapixel camera systems for Ken Burns effect even for 4k.

crop only: 60D,  Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, 17-55mm f2.8 IS,

Nikon rental (have 2 adapters for Canon bodies):

Full frame: Nikon D810, Sigma 12-24mm f4-5.6,  14-24mm f2.8, Nikon 20mm f2.8 AI-S, Nikon 20mm f2.8 AF-D, Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC, Rokinon 14mm T3.1, 35mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5 cine lenses w/ focus and de-clicked aperture gears (includes 2 EF mount adapters on request), Nikon 35mm f2 AF-DSigma 35mm f1.4 ART, Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART, 50mm f1.4D, 50mm f2.8D micro, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC USD, 70-300mm f4-5.6 VR G, Nikon 85mm f1.8 AF-D, Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro, 180mm f2.8 IF-ED MF, 400mm f3.5 IF-ED MF, TC-301 2x MF, lensbaby composer

crop only:

D7000, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, 16-85mm f3.5-6.6 VR

two complete and complimentary Panasonic HVX200 systems for rent or sale, with hard drive recorder, manfrotto dedicated electronic follow focus for Fig Rig, Nikon mount Letus Extreme