Stereophonic Receiver, Marantz 2270, 70W/ch, 20Hz - 20kHz, HiFi Stereo. 1970's

Stereo Receiver, YAMAHA R-50, Natural Sound, 20 HZ - 20kHz, 35W/ch @ 8Ω to 75W/ch @ 2Ω, THD < 0.008%

Stereo Double Cassette Deck, YAMAHA KX-W392, Natural Sound, Dolby B-C NR, Digital Super Surround, 20Hz -20kHz ± 3dB, THD < 1.0%, High Quality Permalloy  Heads

Precision Audio Component, DENON DRA-565RD, 2x65W (RMS), RDS Tuner, SLDC.

FM Stereo/AM Receiver, Sony STR-2800, 4 - 16 Ω, 33W/ch @ 4Ω, 25W/ch @ 8Ω

CD Player, Technics SL-PD665, 5 Discs Rotary Changer, Digital Servo System, MASH.  Doesn’t play burned CDs.

CD Player, dbx DX5, 2 Burr-Brown 16bit DAC’s, 23W, Ambience Control, Variable Compression, Digital Audio Impact Recovery, THD < 0.003%. Reader unit has problems

Program Router Selector. dbx 400X.

Boombox, Panasonic RX-5085, Dolby NR, Universal Voltage, Line in/out RCA connectors, external speaker connector, microphone input.  Makes fantastic speaker system for an iPod or any other MP3 system.
VCR, SHARP VC-H955, VHS HQ, VCRPlus+, HiFi Stereo, Cable Changer, 19µ heads

CATV Converter, Jerrold STARCOM DQN7-31P

Speakers, MISSION 760i, 6Ω, 25-75W/ch, 2 way reflex, 70 Hz - 20kHz

Speakers, JVC SP-UXV10, 4Ω, 26W
Speakers, Citizen JS6055, 8Ω, full range



Universal Battery Charger, Sangyang MW5798N, High end charger with trickle mode and discharge button.  Requires AC adapter and internal electric clean-up due to a battery leakage.