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Last official day of sale was Nov 1, but we are packing up Starting Nov 3, so if you are interested in coming by Nov 2-4, call 647-895-5232 to see where we are at with the move and give-aways. The sooner the better.

The pictures on this site are just a small sample of thousands of items available at this contents sale. To access these examples, click on the "contents sale Sept 2015" section from the main menu of this site, and by hovering over it you will see sub-menu of categories, or click this link "". Clicking on each category opens a gallery of sample items.

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Some example galleries are:

vintage, antique, collectible (several examples - all the items are in their respective categories)


sporting goods



office equipment

computer equipment


household lighting

renovation & building materials



vehicle items

clothing, shoes, accessories

personal electronics

miscellaneous / un-categorized

*important - you can memorize any photos of items on this site by clicking the "heart" favorite button, and it will add it to your "shopping cart" of favorites.

  • fully-loaded, ready to use computer equipment (2 mac, 3 PC’s) geared for graphics, web dev, imaging, office incl monitors, keyboards, drives, tablets. Tons of cables. Starting at $10 for a fully loaded mac with keyboard, mouse, and monitor, ready to use. Monitors at $5+. Buy all computers and monitors, and get 50% off.
  • Gorgeous, organic, natural color and tonality large Sony TV’s with video inputs, remotes, perfect for DVD players and media / web boxes starting at $10. You will never see such a nice picture from cheap LCD’s, and these last forever. Buy all TV’s, and get 50% off.
  • Lots of stereo speakers starting at $4/set
  • all types of antiques and vintage stuff from 60’s draftsmen’s sets and LP’s, 50’s Skidoo saddle bags, 40’s signs, 30’s exotic feather hats, 70’s books and Atari trackball
  • furniture like unique art deco club chairs; antique oak chair, 1960’s desk set with swivel office chair; 1960’s conference chairs
  • If you like copper, you are in luck, as there is a mesmerizing 3’x7’ art piece disk-grinded copper panel that can also be used as a tabletop. Set of 4 amazing brushed inlaid copper and wood very unique chairs, handmade.
  • very unique 2 drawer wood-grain front and disk-grinder metal swirly finish (very heavy duty)
  • metal , wood, and plastic shelving, Ikea mobile computer workstation (we had 3 we loved them so much)
  • construction & reno supplies like new 1960’s vinyl tile squares
  • housewares, like dishes, cups, glasses, serving dishes, etc.
  • appliances like coffeemakers, toaster oven, art deco streamliner hair blowdryer
  • tools like paint sprayers, bolt cutters
  • men’s clothing and shoes, in a range of sizes, from Prada shoes to workmen’s boots, baby folding playpen, baby safety gates, really cool designer wood high-chair set of two
  • sporting goods like hardly used nice skies, boots, and poles, golf bag and some clubs; and antique, pre-1960’s fencing helmets and swords;
  • auto parts including recent VW hubcap, set of 4 hubcaps for a white 1976 mercedes 240D, real sheepskin seat covers

Items on site are only a tiny representation of all thousands of items available. Of course, you are welcome to make reasonable offers for consideration. There will also be tons of giveaway stuff. Major credit cards accepted for purchases over $300 and will include HST. E-transfer also available for purchases over $300.


2 Melbourne Ave. Just west of Dufferin St., between Queen St. W. and King St. W.

Left side of loading area of Kuda Furniture. Glass ornate door with thick wood beams around it.

Sign says “Mir  2 Melbourne Ave”.

Do not park on front of the loading gate please.

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