Boa Repro provides very accurate reproductions of artwork, capturing exact color, tone, contrast, texture, shape, while controlling unwanted reflections and shadows. The end result is suitable for any use, including large scale murals, giclee prints on canvas or watercolour paper, art catalogues and books, and promotional material for artists, galleries, museums, collectors, etc.

We work with some of the finest Giclee printers to provide them with files so accurate that they do not NEED to have the original artwork in place while producing their prints. However, when possible, it is always a good idea to provide the printer with the original

Services are by quotation, and reasonably priced for the quality level obtained.

We have special double-polarized lighting setups that can control reflection and contrast, and shoot in a tethered workflow to a calibrated, high quality monitor. We set up 95+ CRI viewing lights that match the color temperature of the monitor, and make fine adjustments to the RAW files while the artwork is “on set”, to replicate every subtle color and tone.

Shoots can be done at our facility, or we can come to your location. Their a a number of factors that determine the choice of coming to your facility, such as

  • size of artwork
  • fragility of artwork
  • value of artwork
  • quantity of pieces
  • transportation methods available
  • suitable shoot area with appropriate clear minimum dimensions, no obstructions, minimal to no natural light, easily switched lighting
  • location and access

The prep and setup of a job uses up a lot of time, so best is to shoot as many pieces as possible at once, and often artists or galleries will collaborate and do a larger shoot to bring down the cost per piece.

There are several camera systems we use, ranging from the ultimate in repro: a 106mp Betterlight / Sinar P2 large format scanning back, through 39mp 16 bit color Hasselblad H3DII-39, H1 P45, or Fuji GX680 Phase One P45 medium format systems; to a 21mp Canon 5DII with 100mm macro lens. We do not recommend shooting artwork with anything less than a 24x36mm size sensor. Having the finest cameras and lenses is only part of the equation. The lighting, positioning and modification of the lighting, controlling the environment, calibration, and matching tone and color, are the factors that make the difference between success and failure.

• Final is usually delivered ready for printing, with a web-optimized version provided. Files are provided on CD or DVD at time of pickup of artwork. Extra disk are $10 each.

• Colour and tonal matched on calibrated Apple 27” Retina display under high CRI daylight viewing light.

• Special techniques create completely glare-free reproduction, with contrast control before image being recorded by sensor, ensuring proper color and tonality throughout piece, and no white specular highlights or white dots from paint texture.

• Lighting is via high-powered strobe, ensuring consistent color and keeps the piece cool and low UV.

• The medium format back shoots 16 bit, which capture finer tonality and colouring than 14 bit files from the Canon

Capture options:

1) Hasselblad H medium format camera with Phase One 39mp “full frame” medium format digital back $95 per capture, $300 setup

2) Optional resolution boost to almost double, using Fuji GX680 system at 70mp and virtually almost twice the sensor size, by doing a two image stitch with special stitching back, $150 per capture, $300 setup. Especially with the larger print sizes, this will make a noticeable difference in detail rendered.

3) captured on Canon 21mp full-frame camera with macro lens $50 per capture, $200 setup

• Above pricing is no-frame, no glass, up to 48” long, delivered and picked up from 222 Islington Ave, up to 1 week lead time, and up to 1 week production time

• Results in color-matched file. When possible, it is recommended to provide original to printer for initial final print.

• The complete job takes about 6 hours for small format and about 9 hours for medium format. Results are nothing short of perfection.

• Retouching of damaged works is extra

Prepaid discounts:

$1,000 order = 10% discount
$3,000 order = 15% discount
$6,000 order = 20% discount
$10,000+ order = 25% discount

Jobs from different artists can be ganged together for this discount, as long as one party is completely handling all aspects of job, including approvals, payment, drop-off, and pick-up. Allow up to a day per $1000 of work.

All prices + 13% HST
Payment via cash or e-transfer
Credit cards accepted with a 2.9% fee to cover processing costs

Mir Lada has grown up with art, with both parents being full-time professional artist, going to art school; and running the art reproduction business with staff and dedicated facilities since 1995.