About purchasing photos:

This site is set up to allow all selects from shoots to be viewed by clients, friends, and family. It also serves as a portfolio of how Mir shoots events, behind-the-scenes, or a more casual approach to shoots. If you are not looking for something specific, the Events section is a good bet for a variety of shots. Most of the full client sessions are password-protected, and eventually, the selects, after they go through post-production, will be featured on the regular http://www.mirlada.com site. Most of the open galleries are of friends, families, and social events, but they are pro-quality photographs, not just snaps.

You can purchase prints or printed products through this site, knowing that the quality is excellent, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Any single image that has over $200 worth of retail-priced orders placed for it will automatically get free basic retouching, and for other images, retouching is between $5-$50 per image, depending on number of people, resolution, and amount of retouching. We can give you a more accurate quote once we know what the order is. Each images has a 6 digit date code and image number. The most important part is the unique image number (not the sequence in the gallery), if emailing us instructions for retouching, cropping, enhancement, etc.

You can license individual images for commercial use (not model released, however...but that can be negotiated with the subjects through me.

The site window can be resized for any size monitor. Use the highest-quality, largest, most accurate monitor available to view your session. If you are planning on doing sizable orders, you are welcome to come to the studio and use one of our large, calibrated screens for your selects.

The forward and back arrow keys on your keyboard are very convenient to manually navigate through the images. Likewise, the slideshow function is handy, especially for your first viewing of the shoot. The layout style can be chosen to suit your viewing preference.

By default, we allow captions, keywords, and comments to be added, to better enjoy the process of sharing and selecting images. You can also rate images, and give them a thumbs up / thumbs down indication.

The images will be online for awhile, and unless we have reason or discontinue the service, will remain. If your galleries are not generating substantial print service sales, they may be taken down or not maintained as we expand the galleries. If they are, they can be online for years.

Please keep in mind that this service is a U.S. based one, as we couldn’t find something as comprehensive in Canada. The pricing for services also includes an annual fee we pay for the service, the hours of setup and organization it takes after the shoot to present the work like this for you, and is part of the typical photographer compensation model. Anyone who has used a top photo studio for portraits or weddings understands this.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 647-895-5232.