Originally, the name was CaptureTek, because we started with specializing in still digital capture support, equipment rentals of small, medium, and large format digital cameras and digital backs, and providing digital capture technicians, and optional high-performance Mac digital capture workstations. Since the focus is not just on capture anymore, but now heavily into lighting as well, we are just going under "Boa Solutions" for everything.

This section is still to be developed. For an older list of gear, mainly still photo gear, click here to download the old PDF of rental gear. For the last 4 years, Boa has been concentrating on obtaining an extensive arsenal of motion lighting and grip...thousands of pieces in fact, including:

  • hundreds of tungsten lights up to 10k,
  • dozens of HMI's from 200w to 12k,
  • latest gen LED like Arri L7C and Locaster, 7 Aputure 95+ CRI panels, plus 1x1 and 2x2 panels.
  • over 50 baby, junior, and senior stands, ranging from Matthews Magic Stands to Cinevators, Menace Arms, C stand cart with 16 C stands and grip arms, etc.
  • fabrics and backgrounds up to 90' wide, including seamless bleached muslin, digi-green, chroma green, chroma blue, black velvets,
  • over 600' of cam-lok cable, and hundreds of feet of 100A Bates, hundreds of feet of 60A Bates, and many dozens of 12/3 and 14/3 stingers, plus Duzz-all, lunchboxes, snackboxes, scatterboxes, etc to distribute the power.
  • hundreds of rolls and sheets of gel
  • over 50 sandbags

In fact, enough to equip the 5 ton, 1 ton, and corporate minivan lighting and grip packages we are currently building, and have enough left over for two equipped rentals studios.

But now have to inventory, price, and list it all for rental. There is a lot of extra gear being sold as well. So just ask.

Here is a list of small format and DSLR lenses.