This Toronto greenscreen studio rental space in south Etobicoke is one of the best values for a turnkey package, in a day rental pro video, film, photo studio in west Toronto: Mimico / South Etobicoke, servicing Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and the GTA. Located in an easy access warehouse building with video, film, design, prop, wardrobe, and equipment rental suppliers. Huge indoor multi-truck dock, wide hallways, and high-availability freight elevator. Generally quiet (most of the time), good acoustics, and often suitable for sound recording, even more so in the evenings and/or weekends.

It is known as being a truly instant, walk-in and shoot pre-lit studio (daylight balance) with a 9x30' digi green cyc. It has a recommended exposure at ISO 1000 of 24 fps at f8 for deeper focus and 180 fps f2.8 for fast action / slow motion, both ensuring a clean, easy key, while keeping talent cool. See examples below. A wide action area using the full width of the cyc can be effectively lit with minimal shadows using the 4 supplied 300w Kino 4x4 fixtures.

The 1725 sf clean space is 69’ long, 25’ wide, with a 30’ x 9’ corner cyc / cyclorama / cove that is painted digigreen, with up to a 65’ shoot distance if re-copnfigured temporarily. Also includes a 12' white seamless pre-hung along long wall.

Has 4x20A plugs as dedicated stage power and 5x15A house power (30 kva transformer), and has extensive sound baffling (sound blanket panels, foam, foam tiles on floor, and area rugs, all included). Usually has two tables on side with power for computers, with chairs, facing stage. Has makeup station.

Steel truss white ceiling height is 14’. Trusses are spaced at 6’, and can be used for hanging heavy lighting and grip. Includes two 20’ speedrail grid pipe installed. Lowest ceiling clearance 10’9” where radiant heaters are. Floor is painted concrete. Turnkey options include pre-lit cyc.

Available for any hours and days you want, 24/7/365. When starting before 6am, or finishing after 12am, +50% after hour charges will apply.

Rates include a huge amount of truly professional, mainstream equipment that you could possibly need for typical shoots. See floorplan. List coming soon.

4 hrs $400    (8a-12p, 12p-4p, 4p-8p, 8p-12a)

8 hrs $600    (8a-4p, 4p-12a)

12 hrs $800  (8a-8p is recommended, but you can choose anytime between 6a-12a at this rate).

sound recording: add $75/$100/$125 for 4/8/12 hrs Note, this is not a soundstage. We will do our best to facilitate recording sound, but conditions cannot be guaranteed.

larger productions: add $100 for total shoot attendees over 15 people at any given time. Hallways are not be used for any permanent production resources.

Add 1 or 2 adjoining spaces (shared use with owner) as holding areas, video village, larger wardrobe, larger makeup, equipment holding area, craft, etc. $150/$200/$250 each (adds add'n 10 person capacity). This usually adds about 300-500 sf of usable room.

5 consecutive 12 hr days $3700 ($550 discount). Consecutive 12 hr. day bookings can leave equipment in place between booked days.

Between 11p-6a is possible, but will incur an extra charge of $50/hr.

Overtime is $100/hr.

7+ years experience gaffer available to book. Includes 1 hr add'n pre-pro for lighting design / technical consult

single setup - 1 scene, up to 2 hrs total: plan, setup, tweak, and strike combined $200

4 hrs on set $250 

8 hrs on set $350  

12 hrs on set $450

Note: Studio rental agreement must be completed with capture of driver's license or passport, credit card info and at least 50% deposit via cash, e-transfer (preferred), credit card, or PayPal to book, if over 7 days advance. 100% pre-payment if within 7 days. Balance due at end of shoot after wrap, before renter and equipment leaving premises.

No smoking (anything) inside building. Approved fog machines are by permission, and vent out by client to 100% clear, needs to happen during booked time.


recommended popular extras:

black / white 4x8 v-flats $30 ea  (2 available)

30' x 14' black drape $80 setup & strike yourself / $120 ready to shoot

4'x8' mirror plexi (2 available) $60 each

30' x 20' bluescreen $100 setup & strike yourself / $140 ready to shoot

6x6, 8x8, 8x12 frames & fabrics, overhead stands

add'n Kino 4x4, 2x4, 2x2, Many types of LED including Arri, Luxli, Aputure,

various 575w and 1200w HMI (fresnel, par, soft, flood, bare bulb w/ Chimera)

Axis dolly $40

optional straight track for Axis dolly $10 per 4 ft. section. 4 pieces available for 20'

Manfrotto 161 tripod (very tall, very sturdy, does low position as well. Comes with 516 head and plate. $50

cinema rig aka Redrock Micro (rails, matte box, shoulder mount, V-mount power distro, focusing rings, whip)

various Canon and Nikon mount cine and exotic lenses ranging from 15mm f2.8 fisheye to 400mm f3.5, including macro, TS-E, f1.2 and f1.4, etc.

production monitors, Sennheiser lav systems, 

C200 and C300 camera systems, 6k RED system, Sony A7RIII systems, and TONS of other gear

crew services, including in-house gaffer, grip, photographer, camera op, sound recordist, camera assistant, etc.