Boa Studios is both a day rental studio and an agency that establishes promotes, and manages existing day rental video and photo studios. Our aim is to create a roster of professional, responsible, and highly usable studios in various locales throughout the GTA, each space having unique qualities that are sought after for specific production scenarios.

By combining our extensive equipment rental services for both motion and still shoots, along with creative and technical support services such as lighting designer, gaffer, production still photographer, technical consultant, the client saves time and money by having one team deal with multiple aspects of the production, while at the same time being familiar with the studio's features, layout, specs, gear, and management.

Links to studios represented:

Greenscreen studio info - Islington Ave., between Gardiner & Lakeshore. 1750 sf 2nd floor, double door, freight elevator, loading dock, 30' digigreen cyc, 12' white seamless. Dedicated 20A outlets. Completely walk-in and shoot, pre-lit cyc, plus huge lighting and grip package $250 1 hr. to $850 for 12 hrs.

Greenscreen studio images


Studio F info - Located on Sterling Rd. in The Junction, this 3000 sf space features large multi-pane antique warehouse windows and sandblasted brick. Sound recording is usually successful with minimal interruptions. $800 for 8 hrs, and reasonably-prices Red Epic-W, pro motion lighting, large grip, and still camera packages on-site.

Studio F images


Studio H info Soundstage / recording studio / rehearsal space - Kipling & Bloor. Ideal for recording sound with 200A cam-lok coming soon. 14' ceilings, 2500 sf dedicated space and 500 sf of production support. Free removable stage. Starting at $300 per 4 hrs to $600 for 12 hrs, including stage lighting. Great for music videos - play as loud as you want! Experienced event venue for small concerts, artist showcases, launch parties, etc. Optional extras include large white, green, or blue screen rentals.

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Studio S info - 2300 sf. at same building as Boa and Greenscreen Studio, at Islington Ave., between Gardiner & Lakeshore. Features exposed bring, amazing natural light, a plexi shoot platform giving infinity look with optional floor reflection, and elevated for easy low-angle shots. Wood ceiling and floor help absorb sound. Has central AC. Extensive on-site gear rentals. $1500 for 8 hrs.

Studio S images


South Etobicoke 800 sf studio / multipurpose room PDF info sheet natural light studio for photos, music videos, or anyt non-sound critical activity. Private washroom, mini loft, seamless hangers.


Studio R info - Dupont and Lansdowne. 2000 sf main floor plus 2nd-floor support facilities, 30-foot white flat shoot wall. Large kitchen appropriate for a set, and designed for preparing food shoots. Clean, bright, comfortable, effective space. Grey concrete floor. 20' ceiling. clear span. Two bathrooms, changeroom, lounge, ground level drive-in bay door, skylights with shutters, rolling scaffold, steamer & clothing rack, apple boxes and sandbags, air conditioning. Extensive flat-rate food shoot prop collection. Rates are $500-$950 for a 10 hr. day.

Studio R images


Studio Z infoThis new studio build is in the west Toronto film district, right off the Queensway, in the Kipling & Gardiner Expressway area of south Etobicoke,. It features a 35’ x 20’ corner cyc normally painted white, within a 40’ x 40’ drive-in studio accessed by a 12’ drive-in door.. The facility is 3200 sf total, with most of it available or dedicated to the rental client. It has a kitchenette, video village/ lounge, 2 washrooms. The studio was purpose built to do production with the owner’s full-size motion control system and to accommodate up to with 30’ of track available on-site, but is available without the robotic arm system for any type of motion or still shoot. Motion control services are available from just having experienced operators, to cinematography and camera dept equipment, to full production services.Studio Z images



Boa Studios was established in 1998, when there were just a handful of day rental photo studios in Toronto. In fact, many of today's pricing standards and workflows were established or refined by Boa Studios over these early years. The 1150 sf studio was an elegant, refined, high usability space with a 20' cyc.

Soon we were getting double and triple booking requests for the same time slots, or getting requests for smaller and cheaper spaces, larger spaces, higher spaces, ones with drive-in access, etc, so one by one, we started turning others' studio spaces into higher functionality spaces that we represented, representing up to 8 spaces at one time.

Word got around in the motion community, and soon, about 3 out of 4 productions we hosted there were motion. Throughout those years, we got more and more interested in motion lighting, greenscreen, etc. Unfortunately, after 20 years, at the end of 2010, we were forced to move because of building changes.

In 2012, Boa took over and improved its first proper film soundstage.

Please contact Mir Lada 647-895-5232 to discuss how we can benefit each other.