Boa Solutions Inc., led by Mir Lada,  provides high quality integrated technical and creative services for film, TV, video, and photography:

  • studio space rental by the day (agent for others, provider of own)
  • production equipment rentals with a specialty in lighting and grip
  • "gaffer" and "best boy" for motion
  • commercial photography
  • lighting tech for stills  (lighting design and implementation)
  • still image capture support and imaging
  • critical color photographic art reproduction.

As a product, systems, and software inventor, founder of several ventures, designer, and educator, Mir is a creative problems solver with a breadth of diverse and deep knowledge, leading to unique solutions. Mir is available for consults and special projects. He has been working as a commercial photographer since 1986, when he was 18, and has won some of the most prestigious awards in the world for photography and digital illustration.